- is an international musical television contest,
which is attended by teams of talented teens
from 13 to 17 years of age from 9 countries.

The results of the second season of the International musical contest LOUDLY:
Special Prize from the Federal Agency of Rossotrudnichestvo - team from Georgia
Winner team - team of Azerbaijan
Best male soloist-Afzalshoh Safarzoda
Best female soloist-Arina Bjedulesku
Best musical band - «KvinCh»

The contest is organised by
Federal Agency for nationalities (FADN),
Regional Charity Foundation
support for children «Children help children»
with the assistance of the
Federal Agency for the Commonwealth of Independent States,
compatriots living abroad
and for international humanitarian cooperation.

  • Igor Barinov

    The Head Of The FADN Russia

    Our deep conviction that the language of creativity, music is universal, while among enthusiastic and talented youngsters there is no place for ethnic conflicts. And these teens can serve as an example for many adults. When a person in early ages or in adolescence gains experience of interaction with the representatives of different nations, where cultural communications occur on the basis of creativity and music, then it grows, having the correct values, broadens its own horizon, becomes a rightful citizen of his country with immunity to ethnic conflicts. For us, it is a major value.

  • Eleonora Mitrofanova

    Head Of Rossotrudnichestvo

    One of the priorities of «Rossotrudnichestvo» is to support creative projects in the field of the Commonwealth of independent States. We understand that it is very important work for the future, which allow new names not just appear, but also create the environment, which allows to stay together, to support the professional and personal contacts. Maybe over time, "Loudly" will be not only a musical contest, but also interesting for creative youth international movement and will build new bridges in public life.

  • Lina Arifulina

    General producer of the contest

    This project is not just a talent show. This is a real life where, between rehearsals and backstage bustle, all ethnic boundaries disappear. I am pleased that in the second season we have new mentors, and a great team from Latvia has joined us.



Producer, Director, CEO of creative workshop, the winner of «TAFFY» and «Ovation». Author of such successful projects as «Star factory»,"Dancing with the stars", a children's musical contest «School of music», «STS lights a star» «Toothy nanny» General producer of the National television Award «High Five!» on the «STS» channel.


  • Azerbaijan

  • Armenia

  • Belarus

  • German

  • Israel

  • Kazakhstan

  • Russia

  • Tadjikistan

  • Uzbekistan


and Partners

  • Support
  • Organizer
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  • Media Partner
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Lina Arifulina General Producer

Marina Habalova Director
Zoya Babkina Musical Producer



Смотри конкурс «ВО ВЕСЬ ГОЛОС» 12 ноября 2017 года на телеканале «МИР»